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I am Bina of Greene Editions and I am interested in do-able, fun, simple memory keeping.
Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, ideas or concerns you have.
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Me, Myself & I
Memory keeper, artist, easily bored, crafty, forever the prisoner of my curly hair, naturalist, part time chop stick manufacturer, determined driver, the universe's number one most passionate supporter of the Swedish men’s beach volley ball team, Francophile, fisher, multilingualist, home chef, aspiring figure skater, family oracle, family counselor, photographer, motorist, music lover to mention just a few.         

Memory & Me
I have been scrapbooking forever, basically since I have had the motor skills to glue stuff on top of each other. Over the years I have been digitally scrapbooking, art-journaling and what have you. At this point of my life I am interested in fun, do-able and simple memory keeping.

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